Niterider - Cold Brew

Niterider - Cold Brew

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Niterider Nitro is a blend of two seasonal coffees, so it will change a few times a year according to the specialty coffee crop cycle. We will, however, try to maintain the same general flavor profile. Right now, it’s a blend of a natural Ethiopia Yirgacheffe and a washed Peru. The natural process of the Yirg (after harvest, the coffee cherry is allowed to raisin around the coffee seed) is responsible for the rich berry notes that come through. The Peru (washed; i.e. the cherry is removed from the seed immediately post-harvest) gives it a clean, chocolaty backbone.

It’s cold-brewed, then diluted to drinking strength. After that, it’s infused with 100% nitrogen, which gives it a creamy mouthfeel and enhances the perception of sweetness. It cascades in the glass, forms a dense head, and gives you a foam mustache.

A 4.5 gallon keg yields approximately 57, 10 oz servings.

We would be happy to provide you with any information and/or support on setting-up a dedicated draft system for the service of Niterider. We can aid in equipment purchasing, nitrogen gas sourcing or simple consultation; just leave us a brief message and we’ll follow-up with you.