Bunnyhop - Cold Brew
Bunnyhop - Cold Brew

Bunnyhop - Cold Brew

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It’s kind of like a cola and kind of like a beer, but really something all its own. Bunnyhop marries the florals of Centennial hops and wild Chattanooga honey to the earthy sweetness of seasonal cold-brewed coffee for a crisp refreshment that’s stands alone in the global coffee market.

Twelve ounces of ready-to-drink, seasonal cold-brewed black coffee infused with Centennial hops and sweetened with local, raw mountain honey. Lightly carbonated.



- Gross margin: 36% - 43.5%
- Your cost: $2.40/unit or $57.60/case
- Retail price range: $3.75 - $4.50/unit
- Case size: 24 units
- Shelf life: 90 days


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