Colombia - Cauca
Colombia - Cauca

Colombia - Cauca

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Process method: washed
Origin: Colombia
Region: Cauca
Farm/Producer: Various smallholder farmers
Elevation:   1200–2000 masl
Variety: Castillo, Caturra, Colombia

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Importer Notes

The Regional Select program was created to highlight the unique profiles we have found that are inherent to various microclimates in many of the countries from which we source green coffee. Local variables like wind patterns, soil quality, sunlight, elevation, and other environmental influencers have much to do with the common characteristics that separate, say, a Northern Colombian from a Southern Colombian coffee, just as they inform the differences between a Colombian and a Kenyan.

For our Regional Select offerings, we source based on cup quality and character, seeking a balance of “taste of place” with availability and price. These lots are built as blends from coffees that cup out between 84–87 on our 100-point cupping scale, and come with regional and often microregional traceability, but are not farm- or producer-specific.

Coffees from Cauca benefit from high elevation, cool nights, good varieties, and intentional husbandry. We look for lots that have tangy acidity and a balance of sweetness, with a backbone of caramel or cocoa.